Don Couch for State House of Representatives


Experience Matters

  • South Maui Hoaloha Aina/South Maui Volunteersadvocated for its funding over the years and he works with them to help protect sand dunes with fencing and walk-over ramps as well as helping build numerous ADA accessible ramps allowing the disabled to access South Maui beaches.
  • Kenolio Beach Reserveled the effort by the county to acquire the last vacant lot on the north portion of South Kihei Road that now makes it possible for locals to access this beautiful stretch of beach for fishing and recreation.
  • Kihei Community Associationhas been a board member.
  • Kihei Fourth Friday Town Partyco-founded this biggest monthly event on Maui and still volunteers nearly every month; it’s a highlight in Kihei community life, a real win/win for local vendors, residents and visitors.
  • Recycled waterfought for funding to include watering Waipuilani Park, thus preventing the need to inject more treated wastewater into the injection wells.
  • Pump, Don’t Dumpworked aggressively with the county’s environmental coordinator to initiate and obtain funding for the program at Maalaea Harbor so now commercial boats pump sewage at the docks instead of dumping it into the ocean. He then worked to convince the state to include pump-out ports on all piers on the makai side of the harbor.

  • Kihei Police Stationadvocated for its funding and completion.
  • South Maui High Schoolled the effort by the Maui County Council to initiate the change in zoning that was required for the land on which the new school will be built. He worked hard to clear the permitting hold-up for the new school and grading should be started in the next few weeks.
  • Kalama Park Action Teamhelped start it and now volunteers patrol Kalama Park ensuring safety and enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.
  • Kihei North-South Collector Roadfought hard on the Maui County Council to make it a priority; got funding for an emergency section.
  • Kihei Roundaboutadvocated for the design and funding and it opened in 2012. He is advocating for another roundabout at the intersection of Kaonoulu St. and South Kihei Road.
  • Sidewalk from Maui Hill to Kilohana St.advocated for it and now there is a contiguous sidewalk from Kukui Mall to Wailea.
  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) crosswalk signs along South Kihei Roadadvocated for their funding and installation.
  • South Maui Community Park Kihei Gymwas instrumental in its design and fought hard to fund it.
  • South Maui road repavementfought hard on the county council for funding and was successful in getting extra paving and sealing.
  • Affordable housingwhile serving as a council member, Don strongly advocated for and approved two affordable housing projects that are about to begin construction and when completed will add 300+ rental units for our local residents.
  • Kihei Charter Schoolauthored the resolution that allowed it to get United States Department of Agriculture funding and advocated for the quick processing of permits and today the school is on track for completion in August of this year.

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