South Maui faces critical challenges especially during this unprecedented pandemic  – its forcing a shut down of Maui and the state and the tough recovery ahead. South Maui needs someone who can work with their colleagues to come up with a smart recovery to our economy. This includes affordable housing; working with a growing homeless population; a too-long-delayed Kihei high school; sane and responsible development that protects our land, water, beaches, and ocean; burdensome regulations on businesses; and increasing traffic congestion.

We need a representative who understands complex legislative processes and has the skill-set and experience necessary to advance South Maui’s interests. Remember, the South Maui Representative needs to be able to work together, as a team, with their colleagues and community. It’s one thing to identify problems and quite another to construct sensible and workable solutions to them.

For over 29 years I have served this community, not only as a three-time elected Maui County Council member but also as an administrator, community leader, and volunteer. During my time on the council, I served as chairman of the Planning Committee; vice-chairman of the Policy & Inter-governmental Affairs Committee; and Deputy County Planning Director. I fought for construction of the Kihei Lipoa St. roundabout and was a founding member of Kihei’s Fourth Friday Town Party.

Presently I am serving a Community Liaison for Mayor Michael P. Victorino where I am part of the team helping the mayor keep Maui safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m proud of my record of service and I humbly ask for your support during my campaign and your vote on Aug. 8th.